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Anonymous said: Did you used to like city of fallen angels and lost souls because your books reviews of them made it seem like you did

I’ve been thinking a lot about that lately, and the conclusion I came to is I really did like them at first. Upon reflection, however, I found that while they were decently fun reads, I don’t really like any of the characters anymore (save for maybe simon?) and I’ve kinda just lost interest in the series as a whole. Maybe even the shadowhunter universe. It’s a good universe, but I don’t feel like it warrants this many books plus the new series coming up. Cassie Clare is stretching the same character tropes, the same conflicts, the same enemies very thin. 

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Anonymous said: Why don't you want to do a review on CoHF? Not demanding one, just curious.

I no longer care about the series tbh. I’ve lost interest.

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Sleeping At Last // I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)
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dreamingtheobvious said: Why was shut up and drive a bad decision for the scene in wreck it Ralph (I've never listened to the lyrics in the song so I don't know- I'm genuinely curious)

very very sexual song (pssst by “drive” she means “sex”)

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youtube comments astound me like is “their old stuff is better” still considered a relevant observation

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shut up and drive was still a very weird soundtrack decision for that scene in wreck-it ralph

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Endure and Survive

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